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Unsanitary Leary Way Camp, Disperse it now!

Our city has hid behind the argument that these encampments can not be disbanded due to the safety of the people living there. These are people that refuse services that ask them to give up the drugs and alcohol that perpetually keeps them in a state of clinging to life.

As a community, it is only right to offer assistance to our neighbors, but if that assistance is denied, it should not be at the expense of taking over our city parks and roads. Not only have they taken over our community space but many in these camps are desperate to continue to live these lifestyle by preying off our neighborhoods by stealing our packages, looting our cars, and breaking into our businesses. This is not only material loss that we're talking about, many people in these camps on drugs/alcohol, in poor mental state, or both are aggressive and have physically harmed others. This can not continue.

There are options for these people in these situations, its their choice not to use them. If they don't like the options, we need to stop accepting their strong-handed actions and make it uncomfortable for them to stay and deteriorate this community.

They should be forced out of the parks and moved along from their prolonged parking or sidewalk camp sites. If the RVs and cars don't run, they should be towed and destroyed. If there are people living in those vehicles, they should be directed to alternate living options, but it should not be an excuse to not keep our city sanitary and safe for all.

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