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A drive through a district 6 RV hot-spot.

As our first post we wanted to highlight one of the many sites in our district where our city allows people to live in a disparaging way.

This lifestyle is not healthy for the people living out of these RVs as they're allowed to be taken advantage of by RV landlords as well as the fact that most of these vehicles can not run and end up becoming easy prey to drug dealers, who are happy to keep them in a cycle of poverty.

As you will notice in the video, these RVs lead to situations where people can not regularly dispose of waste in a sanitary way. This leads to unhealthy living conditions for them our community.

We need these vehicles removed now! If people are living in the vehicles, they can be given the choice to move the vehicle out of the city or to abandon it and move towards the help our city provides with housing, food, and education so progress can be made towards a better lifestyle for all.

#seattle #district6action #action #solutions

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