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Attend District 6 Town Hall Oct 13th 2020 (5pm)

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Dan Struass will be hosting a town hall today. Attend to stay informed on the latest in our community.

You can register at the link below, they will send participation information to your registered email prior to the event's start.


Meeting Notes:

- District has little ability in itself to impact racial and social justice, its up to the constituents to educate ourselves

- The current inaction is a solution that fits no one

- Leary Triangle, Ross Park, Gilman Park, Ballard Commons all identified as area that need action

- For people where diversion and incarceration haven't worked, the solution is much harder

- For the others, there are already solutions available

- Reach is available in lieu of Navigation

- Need low-barrier housing

- He has asked for encampment removals "today"

- Navigation team was shifting the problem from one place to another rather than creating a long-term solution.

- He did vote to remove officers from the navigation team and to override the mayors veto.

- Repurpose Navigation Team dollars to 3rd party vendors

- Was advised that the solution Dan has asked for is too expensive (2.4M estimated cost for 1 year for 2 locations Commons & Triangle)

- The city government is not factoring into the other costs that the problem is creating when making the decision

- Leary Triangle:

+ Police time needs to be focused on crime

- He will be focused on increasing public safety

- Golden Gardens Drive is reopened

- Greenlake drive is still closed

- Cafe streets are working well

- Tree Ordinance was a top priority, but covid has put a delay on that

+ New draft, including Director's Rule, is in the works to protect specific trees

- In Budget cycle, increase to the tree spend

- Farmers Markets:

+ New Layouts

+ City Staff position to help streamline this important public good

- Budget:

+ Process for 2021 started in July 2020

+ Form As = Demonstration of values

+ Proposal went to mayor 2 weeks ago

+ Council reviewing the budget

+ Budget must be balanced (i.e. any adds need to come from cuts elsewhere)

+Tenant protection, Healthy Food, Rental Assistance for Landlords, Workforce Development, Transit Projects


- Safe & Private Housing for Homeless? Need to use existing resources as open-air space may not work. He does support using hotels & motels. Mayors proposal included the use of 300 hotels.

- How to increase safety with less police? Allowing people to suffer on our streets is attracting predatory behavior, driving property crime/destruction. Noted that he's asked for more police resources in these areas. Need to remove people that are suffering from our open spaces.

- What is an adequate level of police staffing/response times? Noted that closure rates are more important that response time. The specific number is not clear as our police currently have too much responsibility and "other" programs need to be scaled up.

- The police don't show up, and thus reports haven't been made. How can we get trust in the SPD? Organized criminal effort is occurring, rather than crimes of opportunity. Hours of activity has changed during covid, creating increased windows for criminals in business districts.

- How will the navigation team clear up the Leary Triangle for economic uses? Dan noted that Wesley should connect with him so we can talk about how to develop this area. The industrial district is an area he goes through. There are dollars available for outreach, they just need to get into the hands of the programs to use them.

- Increasing incentives to keep areas slated for development in good condition/occupied so it reduces issues that come from vacant properties, what's being done? Contact him if there are areas that seem to be not following land use, report on find it fix it.

- What can be done about mentally ill homeowner if they seem to be a danger to themselves/others? Reach out to his staff.

- Plan for people that will refuse housing or destroy housing that's given to them (4 walls and a lock)? Enhanced 24/7 shelter. Organizations for intense case management. Need to eliminate barriers that people are experiencing. Shelters need to be temporary in nature.

- Commit to spending in King County where land/housing cost can go the furthest rather than in Seattle? Can not commit on the meeting. Seattle offers the services that the homeless seek. Need to use publicly owned land. Affordable housing is important.

- Why not work with black female police chief as an important voice in today's environment? A budget issue.

- What would he say about those of us thinking about leaving due to a lack of leadership? Personally double down. He notes he works every day to improve the city. The city is going through growing pains. Do what you can on you micro-neighborhood/block. Take things personally.

- Plans to revitalize public areas? Address crisis on the scale it needs, get people into a stabilized place, too many unmanaged encampments. Need to stabilize people.

- If a church provides housing, would the city provide services there? It has been done in the past where the city will split the costs. There are steps that need to take place. A group named "Enterprise" needs to be involved for the evaluation.

- Elimination of metro route to Sunset Hill, but ask to renew funding? Better transit service needed to the Marina and Route 17. Route 17 cut was directly related to covid and work from home.

- Zoning to increase housing stock and keep things affordable? Using in lieu fees to be used by development. We are behind where we should have been. Office of housing will be accelerating their building.

- Holding people accountable who are repeat offenders? There are not secure detox facilities in King County. The encampments must be moved off the streets, using existing resources, as this is creating more issues in their current states.

- How to prevent tree cutters for damaging trees in the case of power lines? Move lines underground, but that creates potential seismic issues.

- He supports participatory budgeting process

- Ensure that armed offices aren't responding to Homelessness and Mental Health issues. Shift these resources to someone who is best equipped to make a meaningful impact. Conversations are happening in a vacuum.

- Why disband Navigation Team without something ready to go? There are other services that can back-fill but the funds need to be shifted. Emergency shelters are not the answer.

- What's the best way to contact Dan with questions? He has added staff resources. Unprecedented levels of communication have been experienced this summer. Use email to communicate of the meeting request form. Volumes of up to 2,000 emails per day.

- Awareness on bike thefts/chop shops? "Very aware" of how this funds prostitution and drugs. Has raised to the chief of police.

- Why the lower development fees that surrounding counties, when those fees could be used for low income housing? Need to ensure those fees are spent in the area where they were generated.

- How do you stay grounded to the district and not just echo the other council member's voice? Speak to people in the district. Answer the phone at the office. Speak to people with differing opinions. Walk the district & spend time there.

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