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Assault - Leary Way Tent & RV Encampment

Man documenting the state of the Seattle city parks and roadways being overrun by tents and campers attacked, tased, and kicked.

The man in the helmet was the one taking the pictures. He was confronted by the man in the backpack. The man in the backpack persistently approaches the man with the helmet and scooter and tries defend himself with a small hatchet until the man with the backpack ends up assaulting him with a taser and another camp member comes out to kick the man documenting our community.

Police arrive and this video helped implicate the man in the backpack and the man in shorts as the attackers in this situation. The attackers were put back on the streets with no charges filed. We need these people off the streets and out of city, there is no place for them.

We need these encampments dispersed now! They are leading to a mob mentality where they think they own the streets that our community lives and works out of. They should be given the choice to accept the help that is available or the laws should be enforced to keep them moving until they are out of our city.

Share with our council representative (Dan Strauss) & mayor (Jenny Durken) that we're done with the nice guy approach and these activity, encampments, parking is no longer wanted or accepted in Seattle.

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